Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Something Great Is Coming

Over the last few weeks or so, I can't think of anyone that is close to me that hasn't recently shared some sort of struggle, trial or confrontation of some sort. It may be relational within their home, it may be an encounter with the past, attempting to stir up old hurts and wounds. For others it's the temptation to succumb to the pressures of the world or throw up their hands in an "I give up" mindset. While on one hand, we must have an "I surrender" mentality, realizing that it's not by our strength. But we can never stop running the race and throw in the towel.

Yes, I know that as we move further on in the Lord and walk this earth, we're always going to face trials of every kind, but something about this season is different. For me, I was faced with some tough issues last night in my personal life. Issues that I didn't want to discuss or contemplate what the Lord is calling me to do about it. But what I resolve to do is push on through the pain of it all. Recently, the word "birthing" has been resonating within me and even around me through the mouths of others. Birth is not a pretty thing and complications can often arise. But through these pains and difficulties, new life is coming forth. At times I even feel like I'm breeched in that birthing canal, but God Himself, my Creator has sent His Holy Spirit to get me turned around and "head-first" out of this spiritual birth canal. The way I see it, if, in the natural, the best way is for the head to come first, it represents, to me, that I must first renew my mind. When my thoughts are on what the Word says about me, then my birthing will take place as He desires. If my thoughts are worldly, selfish and full of pride, it's not going to be pretty.

But once that birth has taken place and the pains are over, new life has arrived. A beautiful new creation not fashioned by human hands. So today I choose to see these pains – the pains that I'm having and the pains of my brothers and sisters – I choose to welcome them with excitement because My Father is taking us new places in Him. Deep wells of salvation and presence that the enemy despises. I recently read someone explain greatly that it was in the dry places that God provided deliverance for His people. When you're out crossing the dry land and your enemies are pursuing you, keep going for God Himself is about to bring the waters of destruction upon your enemies and allow you to cross into safety, freedom and new birth. In this place we find who we truly are and most importantly, we find a deeper understanding of how mighty our Father is. I encourage you today to rejoice in your trials! Rejoice in the difficulties! We cannot allow our fears, opinions and circumstances to affect our new birth. We must embrace the eternal and celebrate this life that we've been given.

Something great is coming. Do you see? Something great is coming. Do you hear?

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Emanna said...

I cannot tell you how refreshing your blog is...I too have been experiencing a rush of revelation, visions, dreams, etc. since about March of this year. Some days I feel like God just empties the bucket over me! LOL! Seriously though, the posts you've written so far have resonated in my spirit as well. You are right - we are on the cusp of something huge. There's an acceleration going on in the spirit right now that's breathtaking. A friend of mine described it as, "Being a bug in the middle of the road being hit by a semi at 100 mph!" Keep pushing through. God has no intention of bringing you through a "dry" birth - He's provided streams in the desert, and there's joy on the horizon!