Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hypocrisy of the Nations

* If you're easily offended, don't even bother with this one.

Watch/listen/read any news today and you'll likely hear about the woman in France who reportedly killed 8 of her infant children throughout the course of seventeen years. Several reporters spoke of how "cruel, unthinkable, unimaginable" such a thing is. "How could any mother carry out such selfish, repulsive acts?" one even asked. The entire globe is somehow saddened by such tragic events. Even the most avant-garde, out-there, push-the-envelope of decency "secularlist" would likely show some sort of disdain when hearing of such news.

But let me ask some tough questions. Why is this woman not allowed to kill her own children? (Stay with me.) If she lived here in America, she would be instantly arraigned on murder charges and would, at best, serve out the rest of her life in prison. My question is why? According to this world's moral code, what did she do wrong? Is the broadly embraced agenda of self not blaring from the rooftops that women have the last say in the matter and if she does not want the child that's within her womb, she is deemed fully capable of ending its life, correct? As we all well know (hopefully anyway) millions of babies are murdered each and every day, throughout the entire world and yes, even in this "Christian" nation. Since the year that I was born, 1973, approximately 50 million living beings, created in the image of God have been "legally" murdered and cast aside like expendable garbage in the United States alone (roughly 3,700 per day). There are roughly 42 million reported abortions worldwide each and every year (115,000 per day).

So, with these stats in mind, and this being "legal" and socially acceptable in millions of Americans' eyes, why in the world is anyone so saddened and appalled at how a woman can kill 8 of her own children in her own home? Again, according to the patterns of this world, what's the big deal? Isn't it her choice? Some might say, "Of course not. This is different!"

OK, so let me get this straight. It's an atrocity to kill your own children, but socially acceptable to pay someone to do it for you? Ohhhh, now this makes sense. This world is a biased, irrational, hypocritical disaster and I grow to loathe it more and more with each passing day. To all of the Christians who read this, don't reach for your picket signs and megaphones just yet. Attempting to "Christianize" government and the laws therein won't solve these types of issues (Most Christians think God is even somehow pleased that we so willingly kill His "enemies" for Him, so we're a million miles from an on earth as it is in Heaven nation). Getting "America to turn back to God" won't do it either because where we were in the "good 'ol days" is just following a better moral code, not biblical holiness that God desires. The Kingdom of God will never be made complete in America – ever. It is a Kingdom that is not of this world, not even America. Sorry Christians, all of the "heathens" who "deserve God's wrath and judgment" will be around until Jesus returns. The Christian pipe dream that envisions everyone dressing up and smiling as they drive to church services on Sunday morning is just not a coming reality.

Sadly, a flaming arrow of judgment is in the bow, pulled back and about to fly as we speak. America is likely the bull's-eye as She blatantly stands up strong with Her chest puffed out and head held high, telling God with Her actions that She's got it all figured out without Him. Secular and Christian alike. Whether it be Her lofty forms of godliness or Her outright defiance of Him, America is an arrogant and selfish land teeming with disobedience to the laws of the Lord. I too am constantly reminded of what I must daily lay down that this American agenda and moral guidelines declare as right and just. I choose to live for one Kingdom alone. While many cling to morality and unbalanced judgments, I cling to a Kingdom that is not of this world. I want to be an Ambassador for Christ, not pledging my allegiance to a flag and for which it stands, but to a King and His Kingdom. We need a higher standard than that of moral guidelines that are ever-changing and always depend upon your locale. It's time to face our hypocrisy and attempt to make changes in our thought patterns and actions.

God show us mercy for what we've done, in Your name, the name of America and in our own. Your actions have deemed us worthy, despite our pride and disobedience. Open blinded eyes to see what you define as acceptable and pleasing in Your site. As for this woman in France, reveal Yourself to her as she is no worse than I, aside from You. Without You, we have no hope. LORD Jesus come quickly.


Anonymous said...

Great analysis, Joel. Are we not at the place where "Come out from among them and be ye separate" is the doctrinal call? Too many have religious views that don't align with the scripture and the new covenant. RWB

Anonymous said...

REV. 17.5

Anonymous said...

Read this commentary by someone who is "not saved" by the Christian definitions and it echoes and expands on your post.

Joel Spencer said...

RWB: I agree. It's time to disconnect from anything and everything that is riddled with compromise and worldly patterns.

Anonymous: I'll check it out - thanks.

Tim Harman said...

Joel...great post! If we as followers of Christ sit back and ignore the millions of babies slaughtered to the god of convenience, then why would we even care about what this French woman has done?

I want to fight for justice. If you haven't should check out I'm heavily involved in what their doing. Actually working on getting a billboard up here in Atlanta. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on how they are going about putting an end to abortion. Its not the usual pro-life method.

Joel Spencer said...

Tim: I like what I remember seeing of Abort73. I think our biggest challenge is somehow being able to share the love of Christ with all involved. That whether you're considering an abortion, just walked out of the clinic after having one or are even the doctor who performs them, we're all responsible to value life and each and every one of them matters. Any who embrace love over hate and choose building up over destroying when approaching the topic of "justice" gets my attention. Christians fuming mad and yelling just doesn't get anyone's attention.

In my opinion, the focus has to stay on the unborn created in God's image and not so much on all of the politics surrounding the issue. I'm just someone trying to live with Kingdom standards implemented on earth as they are in Heaven, not a politician.

joven said...

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Tim Harman said...

Joel: totally agree. Followers of Christ must use a holistic approach in love. I believe this love *begins* with education which is why I'm completely in support of

The billboard should be going up on Monday!

Steve Finnell said...

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Synne Larsen said...

I would say that there is a difference between abortion and killing a baby once it is born. Now, I am not a Christian or religious in anyway, not that it should matter. When do you say that a life is a life? From the very first second? Or when the heart starts beating? Killing the baby once it is born, like this woman did in France did (eight times!... Think about all the pain these innocent little creatures felt in their first and last seconds of life here on this planet. If the pregnancies had been terminated before the eight weeks (right?) were up, they would not have been in nearly as much pain. If I remember correctly, people could argue that they are not really humans yet, living beings. I am not sure on that point, but still, all I want to say is that there is a difference.

And I really wish that this awful woman would have used contraception. Or adopted her babies away to someone more suited to have kids.

Joel Spencer said...

Synne: First of all, welcome and thanks for joining in on the conversation. I think your statement that "If I remember correctly, people could argue that they are not really humans yet, living beings" sums up our differing views. To say this, even solely based upon the simple principles of human development, is simply ludicrous. A child does not suddenly "become alive" when he/she exits the mother and breathes oxygen for the first time.

Our hypocritical laws state that if a man kills a pregnant woman, he can be charged with multiple murder counts for killing the mother and her unborn baby. But, as we all know with abortion, the child is somehow deemed a lifeless "fetus" and is therefore disposable. This mentality makes absolutely no sense.

The thread that runs throughout this entire debate (as well as many others) that baffles me is that killing what (who) we cannot see is somehow OK. It's only when we have to face it head on that it becomes an issue.

There is simply no way to excuse humanities desire to throw away unwanted children. As you stated, responsibility starts before the child is even brought into the picture.

Amanda said...

Joel, you are spot on. Society is sinking to the depths of the sin-laden barrel because now it is becoming legal in many countries/states to abort a baby even up to the day it is due to be born.

What's more, I hear that the medical staff are legally bound NOT to help the fetus, should it be born alive, after such a termination. I live in Australia, so I could have this wrong (?).

Thank you for writing on a subject that is shameful yet necessary for us to be aware of.