Friday, August 20, 2010

Spiritual HD

We recently replaced our old tube TV with a flatscreen, 1080p, high definition. Whether it's when I'm flipping through the HD channels or watching a DVD, I'm amazed at the picture that it can produce. The colors are so vibrant, the depth so…. well, deep. But what really amazes me is what my eyes are capable of processing. They're obviously capable of beholding such incredible color and clarity. The advances in technology will surely never fully catch up to all that the incredible human body is capable of seeing. As I was sharing with my dad about how I'm anticipating watching NCAA football and basketball in HD this fall, I got to thinking about, as I often do, the spiritual view of a simple life experience.

Is this same principal not the same in the realm of the spiritual? As with an HD signal in the natural, the spiritual ability to see and hear - to process we'll say - exists. The potential to capture and see it is there. You simply need something capable of transferring that signal into a picture. When God breathed the breath of life into mankind, He placed within us all the ability to know Him intimately- to hear Him, see Him, feel, experience Him. Spiritually speaking, many don't even realize that there is a "signal" trying to get through. Some have their "television" on mute because they don't like what they hear. Others are OK with watching a signal that only broadcasts in snowy black and white. Many only watch the channels that they like – the ones that make them feel all warm and fuzzy. Some people though have discovered that a "high-definition" connection exists and have experienced the awesome "programming" that is available to them, originating from the very throne of God Himself. Jesus, The Christ is the absolute only way to gain access to this signal. In Christ, I now have been enabled to commune with God – supernaturally brought from death to life. The Holy Spirit guides us into a realization of this remarkable experience and it is our choice on whether or not we daily live in this reality and receive all that is broadcast.

I want spiritual HD.

Do you want to dwell in the fullness of all that God desires for you to experience? I do. Just as I've upgraded in the natural, I desire to stay connected to the signal that God is broadcasting. There is no limit to what we can see and hear that He is declaring! We could spend every second of our lives embarking to know the innumerable facets of God and never even scratch the surface of all that He is. What signal are you getting? If you could relate it to a television, what is it that you're viewing? Just as the parable of the old wineskins, today's "signal" cannot be viewed on a console set from 1972. God is the same yesterday today and forever, so it's not about receiving a "better" broadcast now as opposed to then. It's the simple fact that we must be willing to constantly assess our approach to hearing what the Spirit is saying in the current hour. If anything keeps me from beholding all that God is broadcasting to mankind, I want to cast it aside. All that hinders and obstructs my view of Him must go. If I can obtain something, whether it be from fellowship with Him or revelation within His Word, I want it. Anything that enhances my intimacy with Him is what I'm seeking.

Whether it be television channels, radio signals or what the LORD is speaking, they are all being broadcast all around us, yet they're only heard when one tunes in to hear and see them. Only when you deliberately seek it out can you experience what's being transmitted. Check your spiritual receiver today and first and foremost, make sure you're connected. Take the time necessary to tweak the signal. If necessary, update your wineskin so that you can receive what the Spirit is saying in this hour. Don't be afraid to throw out the old, out-dated one that you've been using! There are no bounds to what we, as ones created in the very image of God Himself, can experience of Him in the here and now. Spiritual HD. I kind of like the sound of that.


Valerie said...

Joel, What a fantastic analogy - certainly gives something worth thinking about. I especially like the thought of throwing something away. That is exactly what we should do with the old life, throw it away and live life tuned into Father. Thanks for this post.


ElderChild said...

“Love Not The World”

”For the WHOLE world(not just a portion) is under the control of the evil one”.......(I John 5:19)

“Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world will pass away, and the lust thereof: but he that does the will of The Only True GOD will abide for ever.”(IJohn2:15-17)

“If you were of the world, the world would love it’s own: but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hates you. Remember the word that I said unto you, the servant is not greater than his Master. If they have persecuted Me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept My saying, they will keep yours also.” (John15:19-20)

“Where do wars and fighting among you come from? Do they not come of your lusts that war in your members? You lust, and have not: you kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: you fight and war yet you have not, because you ask not. You ask, and receive not, because you ask amiss, that you may consume it upon your lusts. You adulterers and adulteresses, don’t you know that friendship with the world is to be at enmity with The Only True GOD? Therefore whoever will be a friend of the world is the enemy of The Only True GOD.” (James 4:1-4)

“The world cannot hate you; but the world hates Me, because I testify that the works of this world are evil.” (John 7:7)” and “The Messiah gave Himself for our sins, that He might deliver us from this present evil world, according to the will of The Only True God, Our Father.”(Gal 1:4)

The Messiah testified: “If the world hates you know that it hated Me before it hated you.”(John 5:18) Truly, Truly, I say unto you, except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abides alone: but if it die it brings forth much fruit. He that loves his life in this world shall lose it; and he that hates his life in this world shall have it unto life eternal.” (John 12:24-25)

John testified: “Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hates you.” (I John 3:13) And once again, “Whoever would be a friend of this world is the enemy of GOD”(James4:4)

The “earth and it's life forms” are The Creation of The ONE and Only True GOD, Father of ALL! The “worldly” systems are the creation of, and under the dominion of “the god of this world”, he who is “the father of lies”, he who “has blinded the minds of those who believe not The Messiah”! All the nations of this world are under the dominion of, and serve, the “god of this world” for he provides the fuel that feeds mankind’s “imag”ination.

And sadly, mankind’s “imag”ination is destroying Creation(air, water, land vegetation, creatures) and perverting that which is Spirit(Truth, Light, Life, Faith, Love, Peace,, All that is Truly Good) ;-(

Those who “love this world” all serve “the god of this world”, and have their portion in the processes that are progressively destroying The Creation of The Only True GOD. And The Only True GOD will "destroy them who destroy the earth.” (Rev 11:18c)

Global warming; polluted air, land and waters; toxic wastes; sexual perversion; evil inventions of destruction; greed; hate; envy; carnal warfare; foolish talk; dis-ease(no-peace),,etc,, are destructive processes that have their root in “the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life” all of which fuel the fires of mankind’s “imag”ination ;-(

And the religious systems of this world are all grounded in the sinking sand that is mankind's "imag"ination ;-(

"Come Out of her, MY people"!

Peace, in spite of the dis-ease(no-peace) that is of this world and it's systems of religion, for "the WHOLE world(not just a portion) is under the control of the evil one" indeed and Truth......

Truth IS, a lie is not.......

Abide in The Truth....... francis

Joel Spencer said...

Valerie: Seems to me that is key. It wouldn't make much sense to hold on to the old version of something when something new and so much greater has arrived to take its place. Great to "see" you here!

Elder Child: Although I must be honest and say that I'm not really sure how all that you mentioned ties in with this specific article, but thanks for being a part of this thread. Welcome. :)

ElderChild said...

If one "loves this world and their own life in it" the only "spiritual hd" they will receive will be of 'd'evil spirit, he who is "the god of this world", "the prince of the power of the air", "the father of lies", "the author of confusion" and "every evil work" ;-(

Sadly, the multitudes have been braindirtyed to the utmost by his religious and secular educational processes and so it is that they but serve 'time' in the prison that is his wicked, evil world ;-(

And at the last they will hear those woe-filled words, "Depart from Me, for I never knew you" ;-(

Yet while there is breath(spirit) there is hope!

For Miracles do happen.......

"Come Out of her, MY people!"

Father Help! and HE does.......

Amanda said...

I want Spiritual HD too... very good analogy.

The enemy loves to replay our past mistakes and failings like an old vcr stuck on repeat/rewind.

I am thankful I serve the Living God who knows how to eject him out of our lives, and has a new track to play: the HiSTORY channel! lol!!

Blessings to you and your household. I found your blog by clicking on the 'next blog'. What a nice surpise!

Joel Spencer said...

Elder: Thanks for the clarification. I'm a little slow sometimes. :)

Amanda: Welcome! The devil's "VCR's" are soooo 1980. lol That is awesome that you found the blog by using the "next blog" feature. I seem to only be sent to pages in languages I cannot read when I try that.

whosethatlady said...

Spiritual HD is available in every area of your life, the cost? Starting each day praying and focusing on the Lord and sincerely asking him Lord let me see your hand in my life today. Days that I have asked God to direct me and to show me his hand aren't like other days...I see him in everything on those days. God is awesome and it is his desire to reveal himself to his servants.

ElderChild said...

A lack of understanding has naught to do with "being slow" for such is common place for those who have not received "a love of The Truth" because of their "love for this wicked world and their own life in it" ;-(

ElderChild said...

"Why do you call Me, Master, Master, and do not the things which I say"? )Luke 6:46)

lioneagle said...

Hi Joel -

Thank you for this well expressed piece. Yes we need to be relevant for our Lord's times. Revelant to what is happening in the realm of the Holy Spirit is vital to our spiritual potency.

Note: Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog.