Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Clouds Are Forming

First thing this morning, within a few minutes after waking up, I looked out the window and saw that it had rained last night. We've been without measurable rain here for months now so I was amazed to see things actually wet. Just yeterday I had looked at a map of the US that marks the widespread droughts that are currently taking place all over the country. I had also spoke with my father about how bad it is where they are in East Texas as well - wehere it's been ongoing for nearly 24+ months now. In simple thought conversation, I said, "Lord, why is there such drought in so many places? I asked, "Is there some reason for it all?" Immediately and without flair and hoopla, He quietly responded, "A great outpuring is coming. I have allowed everything to dry up so that it will be dramatically noticeable when the rains come. Great 'rains' are coming. They will fill every crack and crevice until all is soaked and drenched. Great 'rains' are coming."

Be encouraged! Heavenly rain, that is so much more needed than earthly rain, is coming!

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