Thursday, April 02, 2009

Awaken From Your Slumber!

I feel compelled beyond words to post a brief wake up call to all who read this blog. Now I fully realize that many of the articles that end up on here are ones that I write encouraging others to personally hear the voice of the LORD. The urgency my friend is greatly increasing. It is absolutely imperative that the Body of Christ cut all ties to the world and seek the Kingdom of God - now.

I would beg if I could, seriously. I have wrestled for a long time now over my “role” as a Believer in this hour. To be honest, I often grow weary of warning and spurring others to get serious about their relationship with the LORD. At times, I feel like I’m standing on a small platform in the middle of Times Square attempting to call out amongst the madness and clamor with only the voice equivalent of a mouse. The complete disinterest and blatant denial that any calamity is coming is so downright asinine that it can only be explained as what is prophesied in Scripture. Even the majority of the Body of Christ seem to scoff at the idea that persecution and trials are soon coming to Her. In this article I won’t get into all of the information involved with debunking all of this “rapture-itis” that has infected the Church, I just want to present a blanket charge to Her.

I look at the world and it is literally as if all is in fast forward towards finality. It is not about gloom-and-doom nor is it about fear or dread. I repeat, it is not about fear! I just continue to ask who is watching? Who is praying? Who is hearing and heeding what the Spirit is saying in this hour? Today, the religious are absolutely no different than the world. Religious organizations that have been errantly referred to as “churches” offer nothing different than the world, except it is all under the umbrella of “Jesus” as opposed to just calling it what it is - traditions and doctrines of men. I don’t care anymore if people send me angry emails or call me prideful or judgmental, I really don’t. I don’t gain some sort of satisfaction from it and it is not based on my opinions or preferences. I am not the one who defines what is and what is not, nor am I the one who defined the Body of Christ. Christianity has become all about us and it is wrong – period. Good people everywhere donate food and clothes, yet they don’t know Jesus as LORD. Good people build buildings and assist others, yet know not Christ. Good people live good lives, have great morals and are beneficial to society yet they have no clue about the principles of the Kingdom. We must seek The Word of God and learn what it truly means to be called a follower of Jesus, The Christ! I am so sick and tired of this “we'll do it our way, you do it yours” Christianity! God defined the rules, the plans and the only way for it to function and that is final.

I simply cannot put into words how I feel when I see how easily Believers today are swayed and moved. So many are easily motivated by emotions and personal needs. I fear that many, and I mean unfathomable in number, will be led astray even farther. It saddens me greatly when I see so many that do not know the voice of their Shepherd, so they easily follow the ear-ticklers or most convincing ones. My friends please listen – you must hear the voice of the LORD in this hour. I believe with everything that is within me that we will all soon be tested and have life and death decisions to make. What most would write off as ludicrous is that death will perhaps be the "right" decision to be made as the time when true Christianity will be redefined.

Being a discipler, pastor, missionary, volunteer, deacon, tither, Sunday School teacher, guy with a "Jesus fish" on his car, blogger will not assist your abiltity to stand. These titles and positions will mean absolutely nothing! Only those whose title is “The LORD’s” will endure. Superficial Christianity will soon come to an end.

To all of those who read this and contemplate writing me off as a lunatic or fanatic, I ask you, do you read and study The Word of God? Do you believe that the volumes of prophecy that will come to pass could ever unfold in your lifetime? I just don’t understand how so many staunch, self-proclaimed Christians stand by the “God’s Word is final – period” belief system, yet laugh at the mention of the events prophesied within It ever applying them! We are blind, deaf and just downright stupid if we think that The Word is just some fable when it comes to our involvement within Its prophecies.

I could spend days placing news articles, personal dreams, Scripture studies, timelines and other information within this article in order to “convince” you. The fact is however, those who desire to tune into what the Spirit is saying will do so. And those who just want to continue to coast through life blindly will continue to do so as well. I'm not here to convince anyone to see exactly as I see, I simply want the Body of Christ to hear the voice of Her Shepherd and prepare.
I’m really not concerned with if I sound crazy or “alarming” – calamity is coming. It is coming to this world, this nation – it is coming to our very own communities.

Unplug now from this world - its ways, its desires, its conformity. You must possess and be absolutely assured of your salvation, hope, confidence and faith. The Bride is being called out to meet Her Husband. Take the time now to fill your lamps to overflowing. A day will come when there will not be time to buy oil to go out to meet Him (Matthew 25). Don’t wait. Listen. Watch. Heed the voice of the Spirit. Church, awaken from Your slumber!

* This is not something new. Read archived articles I wrote in September 2007, May 2008 and September 2008.


Anonymous said...

I can feel the pain in your words - trying to grasp a loss and dying generation ( even those who *claim to be within the body ).. Never tire doing what is good ~ God directs us to warn others - because of his great mercies - now it is up to them... I find what people ( call ) crazy these days nothing compared to the Great prophets who walked around naked from despair and burden.. ( now that is downright wild ) sorry I had to had humor to the matter...Just keep on infecting others with what God gives you - keep on pressing - if it can reach just one - then it is all worth it.. I know im listening and being watchful...just the other day I was trying to talk to someone about the world events paralelled with the Word and it's prophecies - yet their comment was : we have been in this bind before and we will make it through this : and im like dear friend I dont think so - not this time.. anyways God bless

Anonymous said...

Ditto, ditto, what a clarion call, keep at it Joel. Though none go with you, keep going.......
The time is at hand, the writing is on the wall. Why won't anyone listen? For far too long the Bride has taken part in the world. I believe the day of dividing the ones that are for Him from the ones that are against Him is at hand.

Vicki M. said...

Wow, I can tell you're passionate about this. I do think that we're seeing beginnings of the point of no return too. But the way I see it, we'll be out of here before anything too bad happens so I know that I'll be ok. With that in mind, what do you mean by "rapture-itis"? Explain?

Anonymous said...

Great blog. I agree. The Body needs to awaken, come out from among them, and be prepared and separate. Like Ezekiel, though they are a hardened and obstinate people who will not listen, still warn them so that the blood will not be on your head.

Joel Spencer said...

Anonymous: I often bring up the accounts of the prophets of old when people are quick to tell me I'm just overreacting. Oddly, the same kind of news today is about as welocme now as it was then. Only the LORD can draw men unto Himself. Without His opening our eyes to see, we have no chance.

Kay: "Why won't anyone listen?" - what a great question. It is just as foretold - as in the days of Noah, all are busy with other things deemed more important. I agree, a great seperating will come and the true Body of Christ will remain.

Vicki: Yes, I am passionate about it - not because I chose to be, I just can't seem to escape it! When I say "rapture-itis" I mean that the majority of Christians have this great escape plan in place that Jesus will return and sweep them all away before any troubles come to this earth. They lack any preparation or desire to endure to the end because they are simply waiting for "the sweet by and by". I just don't see it like that at all. If one has spent ample time studying the rapture theories for themselves and still feel it is so, then I'm OK with that. Sadly, the vast majority embrace the teaching of the rapture and have absolutely no idea why. Rapture-itis = a desire to escape rather than overcome. Yes, I know that this is not a real word. :)

Anonymous: It is my obligation as one who has found truth and hope within the pages of God's Word to encourage others to do likewise. He is no respector of persons and desires for us ALL to uncover His mysteries and not be caught off guard with the things that are to come.

He is the Teacher and I will speak what He speaks to any who will listen.

NINA said...

I can feel your pain as well as your urgency. I too feel a shift taking place in the spirit. I also feel that we are right now living "in" the book of Revelations.I'm not sure why people have such a hard time believing that we are living in the end times. Nor am I sure why people who claim to be believers see other believers as fanatics or prophets of doom when they speak about the end times. It is written, so IT SHALL COME TO PASS.How can anyone call themselves a believer and not believe the FULL word of God. The things that you speak of are not at all far fetched, because these things have been already written in the word of God and spoken before the earth was formed.You would not believe the opposition that I get from other "believers" when I speak on current situations that I am sure you are aware of and how current events seems to be fulfillment of prophecy. People will believe what they want to believe. But there is a time coming real soon when people will have no choice but to believe. Then again, even when that day comes, there will still be doubters. People are still doubting that Christ is the son of the living God even after He proved himself. I am just comforted by the fact that there are "TRUE BELIEVERS" such as yourself out there. People who still have an ear to hear and an eye to see.God's people need to quickly build an alliance and continue to establish the Kingdom of God on earth at a faster pace.And if things get much worse, I'm packing up and moving to west Virginia. LOL LOL

Joel Spencer said...

Nina: I just get baffled when people tell me that they just don't see it. Wars everywhere, global starvation, fathers beheading daughters on US soil, unspeakable violence, financial meltdowns, governmental uprising right before our eyes here in the US, a lethargic and spiritually dead "church"... we could parrallel Scripture almost word-for-word in many areas currently ongoing.

It is plain to see to all who choose to have eyes to see it. I can ignore anything I choose and convince myself all is OK, no matter how bad things get or I can submit to the idea that you know what, maybe I was wrong and there is something to all of this "Bible stuff". Few will see I'm afraid - it is just discarded as "fanaticism".

Anonymous said...

I believe what you have said is very timely as to today's events...but many are still blinded and have their hopes in worldly is sad..but DO line up with prophesy..but those who are not into God's word are oblivious and are going to be caught unaware. The time to be vigilant is now and the time to turn to God in's time that the Body truly does wake up!

Joel Spencer said...

Anonymous: I agree, many just simply do not see it. So much of what the Bible has foretold is unraveling right before our eyes.

Still, only those who have eyes to see will see. Most will not.